A touch of sophistication with a Murano vase

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Glass of Venice offers some of the finest designs of vases in addition to the many Murano glass accessories, jewellery and other beautiful yet practical items they sell. The Murano vase is one of the more highly priced items from Glass of Venice with prices starting at $120 per piece to $300. Nonetheless, these pieces are worth every dime and more, in their display of Venetian art glass technique of hand crafted beautiful items from Venice.

One can select a Murano vase from a wide selection of designs, colours, shapes and sizes to bring a touch of the beauty of Venice into their living space or even to an office. They are a perfect gift and would meet the standards of even the fussiest fashion, taste or design conscious individual. Like with all other Murano glass products, the vase has several designs hand crafted to produce a unique item using the expertise of hundreds of years of sharpening the glass making skill.

Some of the vases include the Golden Quilt Millefori which retails at $159.95. This specific vase is a fine example of the Murano glass technique of Millefori, ‘a thousand flowers’ translated from Italian. In addition this Murano vase is also a stunning vase to look at. This particular vase is part of the Golden Quilt Millefori collection with its rich flowered design set on a golden background creating a fairytale like feel to the vase with its delicate beauty. This beauty is eye catching in any room be it at home or in the office. When light falls on the surface of the vase, it reflects beautiful warm colours creating a visual spectacle that brightens up the entire room.

There are also other varieties of vases to choose from including the less pricey blue and red vase which retails at $129.95 and the Venetian sunrise glass vase which is $10 cheaper than the blue and red vase. The Murano art glass silver vase is an elegant piece going for $299.95. This vase with amethyst web design is a true indication of creative skill and sophistication. The random pattern created by the web design of this silver piece creates an enchanting feel that adds a special touch for home decor needs. This Murano vase would make a fantastic gift for a special occasion or for a particularly special person, especially as it is one of a kind.

There are many more Murano vases to choose from including the cobalt blue glass blooming flower vase also made with the Millefori design. There is also the red glass calla lily vase with its slightly bended neck. Or the amethyst Fazzoletto vase with its distinct ‘fazzoletto’ (handkerchief in Italian) shape that looks like a folded handkerchief. There is also the glass vase with handles to choose from which has a traditional and historic feel to it, yet still beautifully fitting with modern interior decor needs. The ruby red glass vase is a mix of art and sophistication as are many more available varieties of vases to choose from the Murano glass collections.

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A touch of sophistication with a Murano vase

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A touch of sophistication with a Murano vase

This article was published on 2012/05/11